pizza rolls in air fryer

Are you a big fan of pizza? Have you ever eaten pizza in rolls instead of in slices? There is also cheese, pepperoni, ham, and even more than that. 

Pizza rolls taste best when you fry them. Just imagine your pizza with its crispy rolls melting in your mouth and lingering with some flavor until you try the next one. If your mouth is watering, why don’t you try out the recipe? Pizza rolls air fryer is available on the menu!

Pizza Rolls Air Fryer 

The first pizza rolls first appeared in 1968. Jeno Paulucci came up with the idea for this dish by substituting the interior contents of an egg roll with pizza toppings. Surprisingly, the rolls were delicious.

People often cook pizza rolls with the microwave or oven. However, putting pizza rolls in an air fryer is on another level. It is as quick as microwaving, yet it makes wonderfully crispy pizza rolls just like an oven does.

These days, air fryer pizza rolls are very popular since they bring us a wonderful grab-and-go meal. Some people also pack them in a lunchbox. Another benefit is that you can serve air fry pizza rolls hot or cold. Such a convenient dish!


This dish, especially the totinos pizza rolls in air fryer, is popular among foodies because it allows them to stuff it with whatever they want. Pizza sauce, pepperoni, cheese, and ham are some of the preferable fillings. Or, if you are a veggie fan, onions, peppers, and even spinach can suffice.

How to Make Frozen Totino's Pizza Rolls in An Air Fryer

Totinos pizza rolls


Timing is one of the most important factors that determine whether your rolls are well done or not. So, how long to cook pizza rolls in air fryer

It often takes about five to eight minutes to cook the pizza rolls. Why don’t we have the exact time? Well, it depends on other features too. The quality of the air fryer, the size of the rolls, and the fillings can also affect the frying time. When the rolls turn golden brown, they are crispy and done.

How to Make Frozen Totino's Pizza Rolls in An Air Fryer

Well done pizza rolls are golden brown.


If you do not want to overcook, please pay attention to the temperature.

In most cases, the air fryer does not require as much heat like an oven, so don’t equate the two devices. 

It would help if you aired fry pizza rolls at 380 degrees F (190 degrees C). This heat will guarantee that the fillings are well cooked while the exterior remains crisp.

Detailed Instruction

We have just looked at some essential criteria for pizza rolls in the air fryer. And this is probably the part you are most looking forward to how to cook pizza rolls in air fryer.

Step 1: Roll the pizza

Let’s start by placing the diamond dough on the board. Add meat, sausage, pizza sauce, ham, or veggies after that. Try all of the fillings that are your favorites too. Don’t forget to finish with the shredded cheese.

Then, fold the left and right corners edges in half and tape them together using water. This is the most crucial stage. If you are not careful enough, the fillings will spill out when frying.

Homemade pizza rolls being folded in three steps

Roll the pizza

Some foodies may wonder how to make pizza rolls in air fryer extra crispy. This is quite simple! Just spray them with a little olive oil before putting them in the fryer. We bet that your cuisine will be super crispy.

Step 2: Preheat the air fryer

This step is optional since some fryers do not require you to do that. However, other experts say that you may have a superior meal if the device is adequately prepared.

For the dish with a short cooking time like pizza rolls, heating the fryers first at 380 degrees F can help a lot.

Step 3: Place pizza rolls in the air fryer

Before placing the rolls, you should put the parchment paper at the bottom of the basket to prevent your food from sticking. 

Next, set the air fryer to the appropriate temperature (at 380 degrees F) and wait for about five to eight minutes. You can jiggle the basket during the cooking process to ensure that each roll is cooked equally.

Step 4: Enjoy your meal

Your pizza is ready! Time to enjoy!

You can serve your pizza rolls with dipping sauce, tomato sauce, or BBQ. A decent alternative is a sour cream. Some people even top the dish with grated cheese. So, you are free to add the toppings you like. Who knows, it might be a good match!

Air Fryer Pizza Rolls - Aubrey's Kitchen

Many people serve pizza rolls with tomato sauce.


Pizza rolls air fryer are simple to cook but amazing to eat. Their convenience is a great plus. 

We have just told you all the recipes, ingredients, and how to serve them best. So what are you waiting for? Let’s grab your apron and show us your skills!

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